About Kespry Drones

About Kespry Drones

Drones have revolutionized the way roofing inspections are done, and Kespry is taking the lead with their automated drone-based aerial intelligent system. The Kespry drone roof inspections are increasingly becoming a favorite for insurance carriers and top roofing companies looking for ways to improve their customers’ experience.

This cloud software offers the smartest and comprehensive way to perform roof assessment quickly and accurately, providing value to residential single-family homeowners, multifamily communities, as well as commercial building owners. The procedure is really helpful to access the damage, especially after severe hail and wind storms.

How Kespry drones work

Kespry drone is equipped with new capabilities including onsite processing of the captured pictures of a roof using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program. This machine-learning algorithm driven drone will not only help determine the exact measurements of a roof, but also analyzes the data collected to identify roof damages and defects within a few minutes. Its accuracy is 99%.

The decision-making process also includes a 3-D model of your roof and high-resolution imagery, creating very detailed visual reports that can also serve as evidence for insurance carriers. There’s the Virtual Test Square feature, which adjusters can use and tag damage directly on their mobile tools and devices like an iPad before they can generate a claims-ready report.

This automated drone system is also designed with an infrared camera. It is a decent feature to assess the condition of roofing systems, especially on flat commercial roofs. The infrared technology helps to detect any moisture trapped within roof assemblies.

It simply works by assessing infrared energy that is emitted from your roofing system and then captures images, which can easily be interpreted based on the energy patterns to determine the potentially affected areas. Moisture beneath the roofing membrane poses a risk of degrading your roofing system. When the problem is not fixed in a timely manner, it can lead to leaks.

Why Xap Chicago Uses Kespry drone

Top-notch safety

Some building structures are typically hard to access with manual roof inspections, and present a safety risk for the workers that use ladder assists. The automated Kespry solution enables our roof inspection team to give you all the accurate information needed without having to climb to the rooftop. Walking on the roof can also damage your roof shingles.

This automated drone system makes it a lot easier to perform detailed assessment even on those building features that require closer and thorough inspections. For example, the large complexes and buildings with areas connected to power grids at externally exposed points.

Faster and unbiased results

When the Kespry drone is deployed, it can inspect, analyze, and automatically generate high-quality reports while cutting down the amount of time spent on inspecting any residential or commercial property. You can have your full inspection report ready in minutes even on large complexes, unlike the traditional methods that can take up to several weeks.

Better yet, the drone eliminates the potential human error, as well as bias from an inspector. It delivers the most reliable and in-depth analysis with the best accuracy possible for all parties to make informed decisions.

More opportunities for preventative maintenance

Property owners will no longer have to wait until major damage or loss is discovered so that that they can get a roof inspection. Well, the Kespry drone is designed with state-of-the-art features that help identify roofing issues at their earliest stages, which are not easily seen.

For example, infrared cameras can help spot water underneath the roofing membrane. This helps us to offer more effective preventative roofing solutions, preventing customers from major problems.

Property owners that allow us to conduct inspections before damage or loss actually occurs can greatly benefit by lowering their insurance premiums. It’s because providing the accurate state of the roof increases your home value.

Saves money

The conventional roof inspection methods are costly and typically involve dangerous inspection techniques. Therefore, a property owner is less likely to schedule for this important practice more regularly to prevent the common roofing problems upfront. Without regular accurate maintenance, unfortunately, homeowners often end up paying for expensive roof repair costs.

Using the Kespry drone’s damage detection capability will not only help cut down the insurance premiums, but also help address roofing issues early enough to avoid the costly repairs in the future.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional roofing company offering drone inspection services, you can’t go wrong with Xap Chicago. Allow our professional and highly-experienced team to inspect, maintain, protect, and monitor your property.

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