What are the Advantages of Drone Roof Inspection?

What are the Advantages of Drone Roof Inspection?

Roof inspections are incredibly important to protect your biggest investment. The design developments in the roofing industry have led to the adoption of new inspection methods and techniques to address the demands of every roofing type.  Drone or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) roof inspections are gaining a lot of traction among residential and commercial property owners, business owners, and property managers.

Here are the advantages of roof inspections done by a drone:

•More accurate and collects comprehensive data

Modern drones, such as the Kespry drone is equipped with avant-garde features to access almost any part of a residential or commercial building.  These drones collect very detailed visual reports with a cutting-edge accuracy of 99% or higher. Commercial drones can access even the tightest places on large complexes and buildings, which are hard to reach.  They capture details that an inspector using conventional methods will often miss.

•Drones offer much safer roof inspections

Manual roof inspections typically carry a high degree of risk, depending on the nature and design of a building. For example, buildings with deteriorated roofs,  great heights, and complex designs & structures pose more risk to workers. If a worker falls, they may get temporary or permanent injuries. Even worse, they may die. In addition, the occupants, as well as the people around the building are subjected to the risk of injuries from falling objects.

Using drones basically takes away these risks.  An inspector will be able to evaluate the exact condition of your roof based on the flight data. Information is gathered while the worker is on the ground. Drones collect real-time data without having to put the lives of anyone at danger.

•Saves you money

You only need a licensed drone operator to get the job done.  This will help you save money. There is no need to invest in costly scaffolding, ladders, lifts, and other climbing gear, as well as the manpower needed to move this equipment and perform these tasks from the ground.

Another beautiful thing about drone inspections is that it enables you to perform frequent inspections on multiple buildings at one time.  This sames time, energy and money.  Also costly repairs will not be neglected because you couldn’t afford expensive manual inspection services.

The work horse Kespry drone, for example, which is equipped with an infrared camera, has the ability to detect any area of your roofing membrane with moisture beneath it. This will help you to address these water issues as soon as possible to avoid degradation of the roofing system.  Finding and correcting these issues quickly will prevent further, costly damages in the future.

•Reduces insurance costs

Workers compensation insurance is not cheap, especially when falls are reported. Added risk means your insurance company will definitely be compelled to increase your rates. Taking advantage of drone inspection services will not only increase safety and reduce injuries, but also cut down your insurance costs.

•Accurate, Unbiased reporting

Besides reducing roofing inspection injuries, drones also help eliminate human error and bias from an inspector or adjuster. Kespry drone is the preferred automated aerial intelligent drone systems for insurance carriers, thanks to its top-notch accuracy. This drone provides reliable and comprehensive roof assessments, which all parties can trust.

•Incredibly fast inspections

By their very nature, a traditional roof inspection often requires significant amounts of time to prepare. It can be extremely time-consuming to complete a single detailed inspection, especially on large complexes and buildings. Not to mention, since human inspectors take time to assess and compile their data, you will need to be patient with them while they do their analysis.  Traditional roof inspections on large projects can take weeks and sometime months to complete.

Drones with new technological capabilities allowing you to receive your roof reports within a short period of time. Literally, it takes a fraction of the time it would take with a manual inspection. With the Kespry drone, obtaining very detailed and ultra-high resolution images is possible within a few minutes. The images are then automatically fed to the drone’s Artificial Intelligence program to determine accurate measurements, as well as detect any damage or defect to your roof.  A full roof inspection report can be in your hands in days instead of weeks.

Whether you are in the process of purchasing a home or simply want to protect your biggest investment, drone inspections are worth your consideration. For professional drone inspections you can trust the Xap Chicago team.  They have you covered.

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