Introducing XAP Chicago – Exterior and Roof Inspection and Monitoring Services

Introducing XAP Chicago – Exterior and Roof Inspection and Monitoring Services

Roof inspections, when carried out manually, are not only dangerous but can also be life-threatening. Traditional roof inspectors risk falling off ladders and collapsed roofs. They’re also at risk of suffering insect bites and electrocution from broken electrical lines running close to the building. Even if these lines were de-energized, they could potentially be re-energized without any warning. Due to so many risks, manual roof inspections are not very effective since the workers are constantly keen to circumvent dangerous situations.

The safest and most effective way to carry out roof inspections either for repair or as a routine exercise in compliance with the building code is by using drones.

Whether you own a residential home, a multi-family community, or a commercial building, here are some benefits you stand to gain by hiring a drone roof inspection company.

1. Save time.

Drone technology eliminates the need for using ladders and having boots on the roof. Instead, the drone is controlled and directed via a remote system to the roof where it uses infra-red cameras to take high-resolution images. This is significantly faster than the time it takes for humans to climb up and make an assessment.

The faster it takes to receive roof assessment data, the faster it is to comply with building regulations or carry out any repairs.

2. Save money.

A drone can map out large real-estate in a couple of minutes. A similar task, if assigned to a team of roofing inspectors, would take several hours, or days, to accomplish. This makes it expensive when you consider the fixed costs and other contractor expenses especially if the inspection drags on for a long period.

Also, with drones, data is acquired almost instantly. This is in contrast to manual inspections where the data requires human processing before it is delivered to the client. This takes time. The additional time adds to the costs and makes it expensive.

Drones can be programmed to relay raw roofing data to computers immediately it is captured ensuring reports are created much faster.

3. Provides a rich data-set.

Compared to manual inspections, drones deliver more comprehensive data. Unlike contractors who focus their attention on slopes, roof planes, and other specific areas of interest, drones capture all aspects of a roof from different angles, in high-resolution. This provides solar installers, roofers and any other team of contractors planning to work on the roof with exhaustive data. The data is also easily shareable in a variety of formats. This makes it easy for contractors to integrate it with their preferred industry software and tools.

4. Convenience.

Drones ensure normal day-to-day operations of a residential building or commercial complex continue without any interruptions. The exercise can also be carried out with discretion since there is no need for ladders, safety equipment, a personnel group at the property e.t.c

About XAP Chicago

We provide roof inspection services by using Kespry drones – the same drones that major insurance providers use to carry out roof assessments after a storm.

Kespry drones are equipped with infra-red cameras that take high-resolution photographs of rooftops for analysis. Once the aerial data is collected, it is immediately uploaded to the Kespry cloud where it is processed to provide actionable data in as little as 1 hour.

Kespry drones provide photorealistic 2D and 3D architectural models that make it easier for clients and other parties to see any problematic areas on rooftops. This also includes detecting roofing membranes that have water underneath. Water lodged underneath membranes accelerates roof degradation and ultimately leads to leaks.

Other Benefits of Using Kespry Drones

– They can cover over 150 acres in one flight.

– The drones can fly 30+ minutes without a battery replacement.

– The drones operate between 14 and 104. This means they remain operational even during very hot summer weather.

Our Customers

We serve pretty much anyone who either manages, maintains or owns a building with a roof.

Most of our clients are residential family homeowners, multi-family communities and commercial building owners. However, where we truly excel is with apartment complexes and buildings where time-consuming detailed inspections are required.

Why XAP Chicago?

We have over 50 years of combined experience helping clients inspect, monitor and maintain their property.

If you’d like to learn more about our drone services or schedule a free demonstration please contact us via the provided contact form. You can also call us at 1+(815)-205-8808

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